Gate Products

In recent years, automatic security gates have become increasingly popular in Ontario, as more and more companies install them. They are no longer the preserve of the gated community or the very rich. At Accurate Gate Systems we can supply install and service slide security and swing gates for your home or business. We can  provide a cost-effective solutions for:

Existing Gates in Ontario

Automating existing driveway gates in Ontario present few problems and often can be done with very little or no modifications at all. We are able to offer a full service for clients wishing to automate existing driveway gates in Ontario. From traditional gates through driveway gates up to ornate estate gates, we have the experience and systems to add automation and access control to existing manual gates, or to replace old or substandard automation systems. Accurate Gate Systems can carry out any driveway gate modifications, specify the operators suitable for the gate and install them.

New Automatic Gates in Ontario

You may have an entrance with an old driveway gate or no gate at all. Accurate Gate Systems can completely customize end to end a driveway gate for the residential market. We can design, manufacture, install and maintain your fully integrated automatic driveway gate and access control systems. Using our own skilled staff we are able to offer a complete end to end service for your driveway gate and access control requirements. This really is the top of the line, hassle free one stop shop solution required by the home owner or property developer. Our solutions always look fantastic, increase security for your entire family and add real value to your home.

While some homeowners still choose giant, wrought-iron gates to mark the entrance of their driveways, the secret to an aesthetically pleasing driveway is to create one that is open and inviting to your visitors. Attractive, yet durable, landscaping touches are key to creating the perfect driveway entrance for your home. The entrance to your driveway is the first step visitors take to your home. It can set mood and create inviting perception of style for new guests. If you are considering a completely new entrance and gate installation, our advice at an early stage can save time and wasted effort.  We offer a complete construction service including;

  • Design and planning
  • Gates and their support structures
  • Power Supplies
  • Brickwork
  • Lighting

Types of Automated Gate Systems

Accurate Gate Systems can provide driveway gate involving either swing driveway gates or sliding driveway gates.  With each of these categories we can provide different types of gate openers, including hydraulic or electrical both above and blow ground level. 

Access Control Systems

All of our automatic security gate have a wide range of access control methods, both in terms of entrance and exit.  Very often these can vary considerably from one installation to the next.  However we can always provide a solution to suit your security, your access requirements, and your budget.

Typical access control to our automatic driveway gates include:

  • Loop detector
  • Keypads
  • Keyswitches
  • Wireless

Safety Features

Safety is very important issues when considering an automatic security gate system.  Poorly installed driveway gates can cause damage or injury.  It goes without saying that all automatic driveway gate installed by Accurate Gate Systems have inbuilt safety features.  These include:

  • Photocells
  • Loops detector
  • Safety Edges

Professional and Reliable Service

You will have gathered by reading this overview, Accurate Gate Systems provide a professional, and reliable service in relation to your automatic security gate.  This is based on many years of experience on countless installations in Ontario. The automatic driveway gates are installed and therefore need to function under all weather conditions and abuse. We offer comprehensive services for all aspects of the driveway gate installation.

We Always Service What We Sell!

After the sale service is always a large component of any gate openers in Ontario. Our experienced service technicians are available to ensure your operator functions at all times. We offer service contracts for service options to our Ontario clients.

Our client list includes property developers, country estates, single and multi-user residential properties, commercial locations. Industrial and Commercial Gates. We can design, supply, install and maintain gates and access control systems for any commercial property in Ontario. Using proven technology and skilled installers your commercial perimeter security system is in safe hands with Accurate Gate Systems Gate Automation.

Your driveway is the access point of your property, take control of it with a gate system that works exactly the way you want it to. Simply contact Accurate Gate Systems for further information.